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This page lists selected external astro-educational web sites; our own education & outreach pages give additional resources.

o About... ..."Kid's astronomy" (US). This site's sponsored links include "name a star" companies – be sure to read the RAS's advice on this topic!

o ASTROEX ESA/ESO Astronomy Exercise Series


o Astronomy In Your Hands Includes activities for classroom and home, and instructions for constructing a planisphere (NZ).


o Astronomy Notes A complete on-line textbook, by Nick Strobel (US)


o Astronomy 131 The University of Montana's elementary astronomy course, by David Friend (US)


o CLEA "Contemporary Laboratory Experiences in Astronomy" – computer-based practical experiments


o Educational Guide to Space & Astronomy Provided by the University of Leicester


o Everything You Wanted To Know Not quite everything, this site is to encourage UK-based sixth formers thinking about going to university, and also undergraduates, to consider sponsorships, placements and other beneficial programmes and to look to the future in graduate opportunities.


o GCSE Physics "Here you can learn all you need to know about the Earth and Universe."


o A practical guide to astronomy, edited by by FJ Napoleone


o National Schools Observatory The National Schools' Observatory is a major web-based resource that allows UK schools to use world-class astronomical telescopes sited all around the world.


o Orrery Includes a concise reference to solar-system bodies


o Resource Guide for Physical Sciences Supplied by JISC, the Joint Information Systems Committee o PPARC A comprehensive listing of resources for teaching (UK)


o Sun Trek  Find out more about your nearest star
o StarChild and NASA-Kids NASA's learning centres for younger astronomers (US)


o Stars & Galaxies A hypertext course for non-science undergraduates, by Richard McCray (US)


o Zoom Astronomy An on-line site about space and astronomy, designed for people of all ages and levels of comprehension.


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