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Astronomy Journals and Periodicals

Journals of general interest are flagged thus: [x]
In most cases, full content of current and recent on-line issues is available only to subscribers.
A range of electronic newsletters is listed separately.

Two e-resources are of particular importance:

[o] ADS Abstract Service Provided by the Astrophysics Data System at the CfA; extensive search and download facilities for published material (in geophysics as well as astronomy).

(Mirror sites at Nottingham and at Strasbourg).

o astro-ph The astronomy [pr]e-print service at Los Alamos (Southampton mirror ).

[o] Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society On-line access to Monthly Notices of the RAS - follow links to Synergy

[x] Astronomy in the UK The RAS's full-colour review of British astronomy and space science, available for free download.

[x] Astronomy & Geophysics Journal of the RAS - news, views, and articles on all aspects of astronomy and geophysics

[o] Annals of Improbable Research The "journal of record for inflated research and personalities"; sponsors of the IgNobel prize. Not dedicated exclusively to astronomy & geophysics.

[o] Annual Reviews of Astronomy & Astrophysics On-line access to Annual Reviews of Astronomy & Astrophysics.

[o] Astronomical and Astrophysical Transactions The Journal of the Eurasian Astronomical Society

[o] Astronomical Journal On-line access to Astronomical Journal ( European Mirror)

[o] Astrobiology "Astrobiology brings together research scientists from around the world to advance our understanding of life's origin, evolution, distribution, and destiny in the universe."

[o] Astronomische Nachrichten 'Astronomische Nachrichten – Astronomical Notes' is the oldest astronomical journal still being published.

[x] Astronomy On-line access to Astronomy (popular-level monthly US magazine).

[o] Astronomy & Astrophysics (EDP Sciences) On-line access to Astronomy & Astrophysics. (NOTE: follow link to Springer who published A&A prior to January 2001.)

The Supplement Series ceased production at the end of 2000.

[x] Astronomy Education Review On-line US magazine for astronomy and space-science education.

[x] Astronomy Now On-line access to Astronomy Now (popular-level monthly UK magazine).

[o] Astrophysical Journal On-line access to Astrophysical Journal ( European Mirror)

[o] Astrophysics & Space Science On-line access to Kluwer's Astrophysics & Space Science abstracts (subscribers only).

[o] Fortean Times "Inclusion here does not constitute any endorsement of the aims or policies of the societies and organizations listed..."

[o] International Journal of Astrobiology "Aims to become a major forum for the study of astrobiology"

[o] Journal of the British Astronomical Association The JBAA contains articles and observing reports of interest to amateur astronomers and others.

[o] Mercury On-line access to the ASP's Mercury Magazine.

[o] Nature On-line access to Nature.

[o] New Astronomy On-line access to New Astronomy (subscribers only)

[x] New Scientist On-line access to New Scientist.

[o] The Observatory The Observatory magazine.

[o] Publications of the Astronomical Society of Japan PASJ allows substantial on-line access

[o]  Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific On-line access to PASP ( European Mirror)

[x] Science On-line edition of Science magazine

[x] Scientific American On-line edition of Scientific American

[x] Sky & Telescope On-line access to Sky & Telescope (popular monthly US magazine).

[x] The Astronomer (TA) `The Astronomer' magazine publishes up-to-date results of particular interest to active amateur observers.