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Trudi Hoogenboom

I completed my PhD research entitled "Gravity and topographic signatures of Coronae on Venus" in 2004.  The focus of my research was to better understand the formation of coronae structures on Venus using a variety of numerical models constrained by gravity and topographic data obtained from NASAs Magellan mission. My research lead to the publication of 3 papers (Hoogenboom et al., 2004, JGR; Hoogenboom et al., JGR, 2005, JGR; Hoogenboom and Houseman, Icarus, 2006) I then spent 2 years at NASA Jet Propulsion laboratory as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate where i used gravity and topography data (obtained from the Mars Global Surveyor mission) to better understand the lithospheric properties in the Northern plains of Mars.
I am currently a Senior Geophysicist working in the seismic acquisition group (Geophysical Operations) for ExxonMobil.

( Jan 2007)