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COS2: Future wide-field massive spectroscopic surveys with 4m-telescopes

 Session Organisers: 

 Will Percival (University of Portsmouth, UK), Roelof de Jong (AIP, Potsdam) , Chris Benn (ING, La Palma), Joe Mohr (LMU & MPE, Munich)


There is a pressing need for new multi-object spectrographs (MOS) on 4m-class telescopes capable of measuring many thousands of spectra simultaneously over a large field-of-view, thereby enabling spectroscopy of millions of objects over a large fraction of a hemisphere in a few years. Provision of highly-multiplexed spectrographs on 4-m telescopes was a strong recommendation of ASTRONET's 'European Telescope Strategy Review Committee' (Drew report, 2008). For Gaia, follow-up with a ground-based MOS on a 4-m class telescope is crucial for fully exploiting the substantial investment in the mission. Support for Euclid could be provided by undertaking a large "low-redshift" galaxy survey to help understand dark energy and galaxy evolution. Many other science projects would benefit from such a resource. This session will review the science that such instruments are capable of delivering, discuss proposed instruments on 4-m telescopes such as 4MOST (NTT/VISTA), WEAVE (WHT), BigBOSS (Mayall), DESpec (Blanco), and Hermes (AAT), and consider their complementarity with other proposed spectroscopic surveys such as MOONS, Hectospec, GTC/CO-IRS, PFS and Euclid.

Poster Session B runs from Thursday 29th to Friday 30th March 2012

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Poster Session B
Improving the Spectroscopic Atomic Line Database  Dr Matthew Ruffoni
Mass Calibration of the South Pole Telescope Galaxy Clusters  Bazin
WEAVE - a new wide-field multi-object spectrograph for the William Herschel Telescope  Chris Benn

Friday 30th 11:45-13:00
11:45 WEAVE - The WHT Enhanced Area Velocity Explorer  Prof. Gavin Dalton
12:00 The BigBOSS project  Jeremy Allington-Smith
12:15 DESpec: Spectroscopic upgrade of the Dark Energy Survey  Ofer Lahav
12:30 The 3D clustering of SDSS-III BOSS DR9 Galaxies  Ashley Ross
12:40 Cosmological constraints from the large-scale galaxy clustering in BOSS  Ariel Sanchez
12:50 Forecasts for Extended Dark Matter & Dark Energy Models with the Next Generation of Redshift Surveys  Edward Macaulay

Friday 30th 14:15-15:30
14:15 4MOST: 4-meter Multi-Object Spectroscopic Telescope  Roelof de Jong
14:30 The Hector survey: an integral field spectrograph survey of 100,000 galaxies  Joss Bland-Hawthorn
14:45 Gaia, Gaia-ESO, and MOS spectroscopy  Gerry Gilmore
15:00 Large scale structure and galaxy formation studies with GAMA  Dr Ivan Baldry
15:10 MOONS: a new conceptual design for a multi-object spectrograph for the VLT  Michele Cirasuolo
15:20 Spectroscopic follow-up of the eROSITA all sky survey  Andrea Merloni