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COS4: Modelling Dark Energy and Modified Gravity

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Richard Battye (University of Manchester), Jochen Weller (LMU, Germany)

The discovery of cosmic acceleration has been recently recognised by the award of the Nobel prize for physics. However it is origins are still a mystery: there are many models to explain this phenomenon, but none are compelling. It could be a dark energy component, or result from a modification to gravity at long distances. The aim of this session is to explore both individual models and phenomological approaches to describing cosmic acceleration. It will complement the sessions on future photometric and spectroscopic observations which are designed, amongst other things, to probe these models.


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Poster Session B
String Quintessence and the Formulation of Advanced Quantum Gravity  Andrew Worsley
Discrimination between cosmological constant, quintessence, and modified gravity  Houri Ziaeepour
Testing modified gravity in the Solar System using LISA-pathfinder  Pasquale Galianni

Thursday 29th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Modeling dark energy -- from Quintessence to Modified Theories of Gravity  Ed Copeland
10:30 Generalized perturbations in modified gravity and dark energy  Jonathan Pearson
10:45 A Generic Parameterisation of Modified Gravity  Baojiu Li
11:00 Model-Independent Approaches to Testing Gravity  Tessa Baker

Thursday 29th 15:00-17:00
15:00 Testing the Laws of Gravity with CFHTLenS and WiggleZ  Fergus Simpson
15:15 Decisive tests of large-scale homogeneity  Phil Bull
15:30 Non-linear Large Scale Structure in the Warm Dark Matter Scenario  Katarina Markovic
15:45 Testing quantised inertia with wide binaries  Mike McCulloch
16:00 Constraining Modified Gravity and Dark Energy Models with Weak Lensing  Emma Beynon
16:15 Testing Cosmology with Extreme Galaxy Clusters  Ian Harrison
16:30 Cosmology with MaxBCG Galaxy Clusters  Annalisa Mana
16:45 Models for F(R) gravity  Richard Battye