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CP1: Current Developments in Numerical astrophysics


Session Organiser: Chris Wareing (University of Leeds, UK), Christer Sandin (AIP, Germany)


We invite contributions to this session focused on the development, testing and implementation of numerical schemes currently used in astrophysics, including but not limited to methods for particle dynamics, hydrodynamics, magneto-hydrodynamics, radiation transport and statistics. We particularly encourage submissions from early career researchers and graduate students, presenting latest developments to mature codes, or presenting new codes and the associated validations, or seeking guidance to overcome development issues. This will be a rare chance for the UK and German communities to present to each other and cross-fertilise new developments. We intend to have an invited review [Prof. S.A.E.G. Falle, Leeds, S2?: to be confirmed] followed by a number of either 10+2-minute or 12+3-minute short presentations, depending on the number of abstracts per session


This is a complete listing of all 16 entries

Poster Session A
Simulations of Cosmological Magnetic Fields using GCMHD+  David Barnes
Updated GCD+: A new Galactic Chemo-Dynamical evolution code  Awat Rahimi
An SPMHD Mean Field Dynamo  Federico Stasyszyn

Wednesday 28th 11:45-13:00
11:45 Comparison between AMR and SPH  S. Falle
12:10 Modelling AGN Feedback in Galaxy Simulations  Rick Newton
12:20 On the convergence of SPH simulations of self-gravitating accretion discs  Ken Rice
12:30 SPMHD Simulations using GCMHD+  David Barnes
12:40 CSP-h: A simplification of smoothed particle (SP) algortihms built with variable spatial resolution  Thomas Matthew Carpenter Knight
12:50 The entropy condition of GodunovSPH  Seung-Hoon Cha

Wednesday 28th 17:00-18:15
17:00 Accessing the STFC DiRAC HPC Facility  Dr Jeremy Yates
17:10 Fast MHD Code for Gravitationally Stratified Plasma Using Graphical Processing Units  Dr Michael Griffiths
17:25 NIRVANA, a state-of-the-art MHD code : new features and recent development  Fournier Yori
17:35 Accuracy and Efficiency of Raytracing Photoionisation Algorithms  Jonathan Mackey
17:45 3D General Relativistic Transport of Photons and Particles with Mass  Ziri Younsi
17:55 Astrophysical simulations with interactive computer graphics  Wolfgang Steffen
18:05 Simulation of dusty plasma environment  Abul Khair Anuar