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GAL1: 12 billion years of star formation and nuclear activity in galaxies - the submillimetre view

Session Organisers:

Dr. Axel Weiss (MPIfR), Prof. Steve Eales (Cardiff), Dr. Jon Davies (Cardiff), Prof. Matt Griffin (Cardiff), Prof. Ian Smail, (Durham), Dr. Mark Swinbank (Durham), Dr. Fabian Walter (MPIA).


We are on the cusp of an exciting era for extragalactic astronomy: with the start of ALMA operations, the continuation of the Herschel mission and the commissioning of a wide range of new sub/millimetre instruments. These facilities will combine to provide an unprecedented insights into the physics of obscured star-formation and AGN activity in galaxies from the Local Group out to the highest redshifts. Herschel and ground-based submillimetre cameras, such as LABOCA and the newly-commissioned SCUBA-2, are providing us with panoramic surveys of the strongly-evolved far-infrared luminous population out to very high redshifts, z>6. Equally important are their observations of the Milky Way and nearby galaxies, which are revealing the processes which underlie this cosmic evolution, in particular the physics of star formation and feedback. With telescopes like ALMA and PdBI, we are starting to measure the gas content of galaxies over a large range of cosmic time - another crucial piece in the puzzle of galactic evolution. These sessions will feature the latest observational results from this field, from observations of star formation in our own Galaxy to observations of the gas, dust and star formation in galaxies at the highest redshifts. We also encourage theoretical talks by researchers interested in interpreting these observations and talks by those who wish to consider the future possibilities in this field.

Provisional sessions titles:

Star formation in the Local Group
Star formation and AGN from z=0 to z=1
The ISM from z=0 to z=6
Star formation and AGN from z=1 to z=6


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Poster Session A
Flux density variations of radio sources in M82  Melanie Gendre
The star formation history of the Galactic Bulge  Albert Zijlstra
Star Formation and AGN Activity in Interacting Galaxies: A Near-UV Perspective  Caroline Scott
Galaxy-wide outflows in z~1.5-3.5 infrared-luminous galaxies  Christoper Harrison
H-ATLAS: The FIR Properties of BAL Quasars  Jose Manuel Cao Orjales
Spectral Aging In The Lobes of FR-II Radio Galaxies  J Harwood
Sweeping up the Dust in the Low Redshift Universe by Stacking in the Herschel ATLAS  Nathan Bourne
The host galaxies and black-hole:galaxy mass ratios of luminous quasars at z~4  Thomas Targett
The LITTLE THINGS Survey  Elias Brinks
A Multi-Wavelength View of the ISM in Nearby Galaxies  Ioannis Bagetakos
Deep Radio Continuum Imaging Of The Dwarf Irregular Galaxy IC 10: Tracing Star Formation And Magneti  Volker Heesen
Spectroscopic Followup of Radio-loud AGN Sources in the South Pole Telescope Survey  Kate Husband
Herschel  Chris Fuller
The Distribution of Star Formation in a Representative Sample of 69 Barred Galaxies.  Richard Taylor
The X-ray/infrared connection in star-forming galaxies  Myrto Symeonidis
X-Ray properties of star-forming BzK galaxies  Cyprian Rangel
Spying on the neighbour - Mapping the ISM and star formation in Andromeda  George Ford
The search for cool baryons at z~5  Luke Davies
The influence of star formation and nuclear activity on the molecular gas in nearby active galaxies  Stefanie Muehle
Concurrant star formation and black hole growth in the most massive galaxies  Jason Rawlings
Submillimetre and X-ray observations of star-forming AGN in the epoch of galaxy formation.  Mat Page
The AGN-Starburst Connection in 1 < z < 4 Quasars  Ashley K Hyde
Radio to infrared spectra of late-type galaxies with Planck and WMAP data  Michael Peel
Dust heating in nearby galaxies from the Herschel Reference Survey  Lingjie Kong
Probing the star formation and AGN connection using NMF analysis of IRS spectra  Peter Hurley
H-ATLAS/GAMA: The star formation history of H-ATLAS galaxies and its correlation to the environmen  Ali Dariush

Tuesday 27th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Gas, Dust and Star Formation in M51 and Nearby Galaxies  Eva Schinnerer
10:20 Dust and Gas in Andromeda with HELGA  Matthew Smith
10:30 CO and H2O as diagnostics in (U)LIRGs  Paul van der Werf
10:40 CO line SEDs in local (U)LIRGs with the APEX  Yiping Ao
10:50 The Spitzer Interacting Galaxies Survey  Nicola Brassington
11:00 Ionized vs molecular gas feedback in local ULIRGs  Mark Westmoquette

Tuesday 27th 11:45-13:00
11:45 The physical properties of sub-mm galaxies  James Dunlop
12:05 AGN and SMGs in the WISE zoo  Andrew Blain
12:20 The Herschel view of the dust-obscured Universe  Myrto Symeonidis
12:30 Luminous Red Quasars at z~2: Signposts for Massive Dusty Starbursts?  Manda Banerji
12:40 Herschel-ATLAS: VISTA VIKING near-IR counterparts in the Phase 1 GAMA 9h data  Simone Fleuren
12:50 IFU observations of Submm Galaxies  Susannah Alaghband-Zadeh

Tuesday 27th 14:15-15:30
14:15 Studies of Galaxy Evolution with Herschel/PEP  Dieter Lutz
14:35 The Redshift Distribution of H-ATLAS Sources  Elizabeth Pearson
14:45 SEDs of dusty galaxies at low and high redshift  Kate Rowlands
14:55 Hot and cold: star formation and dust at high-redshifts  Pratika Dayal
15:05 LABOCA Survey of the COSMOS Field  Felipe Pedro Navarrete Avendaño
15:15 Detecting dusty protoclusters with Planck and Herschel  Filiberto Braglia

Tuesday 27th 17:00-18:15
17:00 GOODS-Herschel; The deepst view of the far-IR skies  Georgios Magdis
17:20 H-ATLAS Lens Survey: looking for lensed galaxies in the submm with the Herschel Space Observatory  Mattia Negrello
17:30 Strongly lensed SMGs from the SPT survey  Carlos De Breuck
17:40 Resolved star-forming clumps in lensed galaxies at z = 1-2  Rachael Livermore
17:50 Molecular gas in the ISM of z~2 star-forming galaxy  Alice Danielson
18:05 Connecting stellar mass, star formation rate and halo mass across 80 per cent of cosmic time  Lingyu Wang

Wednesday 28th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Gas Contents and Dynamics of High-z Star Forming Galaxies  Javier Graciá Carpio
10:20 The molecular gas content of z~2 Submillimetre Galaxies  Alasdair Thomson
10:35 Intermediate resolution mm-mapping of SMGs in the COSMOS field: Redshift distribution & z>4 fraction  Vernesa Smolcic
10:45 Evidence for a clumpy, rotating disk in an SMG at z=4  Jacqueline Hodge
10:55 Strong [CII] 158 micron emission from a z=7.1 quasar host  Bram Venemans
11:05 Constraining Dust Properties and Energy Sources of Lyman Alpha Blobs at z~3  Yujin Yang

Wednesday 28th 11:45-13:00
11:45 HerMES: Tracing the cosmic evolution of star formation  Isaac Roseboom
12:05 A new approach to understanding the relation between star formation and molecular gas  Claudia Lagos
12:15 Theoretical modelling of galaxy evolution in the far-IR and sub-mm  Cedric Lacey
12:25 A predicted ALMA view of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field  Elisabete da Cunha
12:35 What do we know about the stellar masses of submillimetre galaxies?  Michal Michalowski
12:45 Contribution from the main sequence and starburst galaxies to the infrared/sub-mm observables  Matthieu Béthermin