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GAL2: Diving into the outer halos of elliptical galaxies: clues to galaxy formation and evolution

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Magda Arnaboldi (ESO), L. Coccato (ESO), C. Maraston (University of Portsmouth), T. Naab (MPA-Garching), D. Thomas (University of Portsmouth)


Galaxy halos - where the dynamical timescale is comparable to the age of the Universe - offer a unique opportunity to trace the fossil records of those processes which led to the formation of galaxies the way we observe them today.

Reliable observations of stellar kinematics and stellar populations - to two effective radii and beyond - will be presented. We shall discuss how well the cosmological models compare with the observed kinematics and stellar populations properties. The goal is to identify those observational strategies and model developments which will lead to a deeper understanding of galaxy evolution.

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Poster Session A&B
Testing Theoretical Element Response Functions with an Empirical Stellar Spectral Library.  Dr. Anne E. Sansom
On the optical+NIR color gradients in the external regions of early-type galaxies  Francesco La Barbera
Diagnostics of Dusty vs Non-Dusty Early-Type Galaxies  Nicola Agius
Building the galactic halo through the evolution and dissolution of star clusters.  Poul Alexander
Quantifying the stellar assembly in early-type galaxies using spatially-resolved spectro-photometry  Sugata Kaviraj
Structure and Dynamics of Hot Stellar Systems  Mark Norris
Automated Measurement of Interacting Galaxies in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey  Alex Lockey

Wednesday 28th 17:00-18:30
17:00 Galaxy haloes moving into focus  Daniel Thomas
17:15 Dissecting Centaurus A  Denija Crnojevic
17:30 Debris from disrupted galaxies in the Hydra~I cluster and the formation of intracluster light  Magda Arnaboldi
17:45 Stellar population properties of outer halos of massive ellipticals  Lodovico Coccato
18:00 Color Gradients in Galaxies out to z~3: Dependence on Galaxy Properties  Niraj Welikala
18:15 Probing the dark matter haloes of lensing galaxies.  Ignacio FERRERAS

Thursday 29th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Determination of stellar population parameters from high-resolution spectral fitting  David Wilkinson
10:15 Reconciling observations and simulations of the most massive elliptical galaxies since z~1  Claire Burke
10:30 Modelling the dual nature of stellar haloes  Andreea Font
10:45 Inside-out formation of elliptical galaxies  Ludwig Oser