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GAL3: The nature of satellite and dwarf galaxies

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Noam Libeskind (AIP, Germany), Vasily Belokurov (IoA Cambridge)


In this session we aim to highlight the latest discoveries in the large field of small galaxies. Satellite and dwarf galaxies are among the most ancient and most prolific galaxies in our Universe, yet owing to their low surface brightness they remain mysterious. Two main drivers have advanced our understanding of dwarf galaxies: the improved observational ability to detect them on the one hand, combined with increased numerical resolution to simulate them on the other. Although observations and simulations have solved many problems, many still remain unanswered. For example, what exactly is the role satellite and dwarfs play in understanding the formation of the Local Group? This session will focus on a myriad of topics related to both observations and the modeling of dwarf and satellite galaxies and what they can tell us about the Local Group. These include their main formation and destruction mechanisms, tidal stripping, stellar streams and the stellar halo, their orbits, their spatial and kinematic distribution, their stellar populations, and other bulk internal properties such density profile and color.


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Poster Session B
The carbon star phase in the Sagittarius Dwarf Spheroidal  Iain McDonald
The Structure of the Sagittarius Stellar Stream as Traced by Blue Horizontal Branch Stars  Christine Ruhland
On the star formation history of IKN dSph  Tudorica Alexandru
Kinematic analysis of the M31 halo globular clusters  Jovan Veljanoski
The nature of stars in the nucleus of M32  Olivia Jones
Structure of the Intermediate and High Velocity Clouds towards the LMC and SMC  Jonathan Smoker
Scaling relation of dwarf galaxies in the core of Coma cluster  Habib Khosroshahi
The mass function of dwarf galaxies: Going beyond the Local Group with gravitational lensing  John McKean

Friday 30th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Dwarf Galaxies: Nature and Nurture  Till Sawala
10:20 Survival of Satellites of a Highly Resolved Milky Way-class Halo  Sam Geen
10:35 Dissipative phenomena in dwarf galaxies of the Local Group and their synthetic CMD  Stefano Pasetto
10:50 Full 3D Evolution Models of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies  Sylvia Ploeckinger
11:05 Tidal dwarf galaxies in the nearby Universe: a statistical perspective  Sugata Kaviraj

Friday 30th 11:45-12:45
11:45 The Sagittarius Streams in the Southern Galactic Hemisphere  Sergey Koposov
12:05 Constraining the Milky Way halo shape with cold streams  Hanni Lux
12:20 Extended star clusters: nature or nurture  Mark Gieles
12:35 Barred Spirals on the Red Sequence: An Important Evolutionary Stepping Stone?  Karen Masters

Friday 30th 14:00-15:30
14:00 Clues to Galaxy-Satellite Interactions from the M31 Subgroup  Annette Ferguson
14:20 Andromeda  Michelle Collins
14:35 Dissolving satellites dwarf galaxies  Dominik J. Bomans
14:50 Satellite abundances around bright isolated galaxies  Wenting Wang
15:05 Satellite Galaxy Number Density Profiles in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey  Quan Guo