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HE2: The Gamma-ray/radio connection

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Ian Browne and Patrick Weltevrede (University of Manchester, UK), Lars Fuhrmann & Anton Zensus (MPIfR)


The Fermi mission has opened wide a new widow on the Universe and stimulated many associated ground-based observational programmes. Some or all of the following topics will be discussed:

The many faces of gamma-ray emitting pulsars
Fermi bubbles and WMAP haze
Results from radio monitoring programmes of Gamma-ray AGN (blazars, radio galaxies, NLSy1s)
TeV Cherenkov results and spectral energy distributions
New theory about old objects.


This is a complete listing of all 9 entries

Poster Session A
FR dichotomy, accretion modes and environmental factors in the local Universe  Melanie Gendre
Recent Galactic Results from the VERITAS Collaboration  Gareth Hughes
Radio observations of unidentified Fermi LAT sources  Ewan Barr
Radio variability of Fermi gamma-ray loud AGNs and S_gamma - S_radio correlations  Emmanouil Angelakis

Wednesday 28th 17:00-18:15
17:00 Pulsar observations with the Fermi LAT  Lucas Guillemot
17:15 The Radio/Gamma-ray connection of Millisecond Pulsars  Cristobal M. Espinoza
17:25 The precessing radio jet of the gamma-ray binary LS I+61°303  Lisa Zimmermann
17:40 Spectral decomposition of broad-band radio spectra of gamma-ray blazars  Rebekka Schmidt
18:00 Fermi detectability of prominent radio blazars. A study of the mm-radio variability characteristics.  Ioannis Nestoras