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HE3: Multi-wavelength observations of compact objects

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Roberto Mignani (MSSL/UCL, UK), Silvia Zane (MSSL/UCL, UK), Kirpal Nandra (MPE, Germany)


Collapsed stellar corpses, neutron stars and black holes, are among the most interesting targets of high-energy astrophysics, from radio to high-energy gamma rays. The multi-wavelength study of galactic compact objects, both isolated and in binary systems, is key to address fundamental issues in massive star evolution, the properties of matter under extreme conditions, and the emission physics in highly-magnetised environments. Aim of this parallel session is to present recent discoveries in the multi-wavelength study of transient/persistent galactic compact objects and discuss the potentialities of forthcoming X-ray missions (in particular those with large UK/German participation as LOFT, eRosita, ATHENA) and their potential synergies.


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Poster Session B
LOFT - Large Observatory for X-ray Timing  Dr Silvia Zane
Understanding X-ray Reflection in AGN  Dan Wilkins
Magnetars are super hot and super cool  Wynn C.G. Ho
Optical Monitoring of the Black Hole X-Ray Binaries, XTE J1118+480 and GX 339-4  Fraser Lewis
What is feeding the intermediate-mass BH candidate HLX1?  Roberto Soria
The Proper Motion of the Central Compact Object RX J0822-4300 in the Supernova Remnant Puppis-A  Werner Becker
Short period variables in the Kepler field  Adam Brooks

Friday 30th 11:45-13:15
11:45 Multi-wavelength Observations of Compact Objects  Phil Charles
12:15 The most constraining test of scalar-tensor gravity  Paulo Freire
12:30 Deep Spacecraft Navigation With Pulsars  Werner Becker
12:45 Stellar life and death in a grand-design spiral galaxy  Roberto Soria
13:00 The discovery of Galactic Gamma-ray transients with Fermi  Adam Hill

Friday 30th 14:15-15:30
14:15 Near-infrared data of X-ray sources from the Galactic Bulge Survey  Sandra Greiss
14:30 Can we really measure black hole spin, and does it really power relativistic jets?  Daniel Plant
14:45 A new interpretation of the Crab Nebula high energy flare 2010  Natalia Lewandowska
15:00 Improving pulsar population statistics: The all-sky HTRU Pulsar Survey in radio-wavelength  Cherry Ng
15:15 Poster Summaries  Poster Summaries