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INS1: Evolution with ALMA - first science results on the cool universe

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Anita Richards and A Avison ( (University of Manchester, UK), M Zwaan (ESO ARC node), S Muehle (German ARC node)

ALMA is the most ambitious ground-based telescope in operation, sensitive to mm and sub-mm wavelengths which are absorbed by water vapour at sea level. When complete (in 2013) it will comprise 66 antennas; currently at least 16 are being used for science operations. The first Cycle 0 science results will be presented, such as on stellar and planetary evolution, star formation and distant galaxies associated with intense star formation. We invite successful Cycle 0 proposers or prospective Cycle 1 ALMA users to talk about their science. The ALMA session and also a lunchtime meeting will update the astronomical community on ALMA construction progress and the support available for prospective ALMA users including preparation for the Cycle 1 deadline.

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Tuesday 27th 10:00-11:15
10:00 ALMA: Progress and Development  Robert Laing
10:15 Progress Report on Commissioning and Science Verification of ALMA  Richard Hills
10:45 Massive star formation and global collapse: ALMA observations of a massive IRDC  Gary Fuller
11:00 More-than-LESS: An ALMA continuum survey of Submm Galaxies from the LABOCA ECDFS Submm Survey (LESS)  Mark Swinbank

ALMA Lunch - Tuesday 27th 13:00-13:45
13:05 Preparing for ALMA Cycle 1  Martin Zwaan
13:20 The ALMA Observing Tool for Cycle1: What's new?  Alan Bridger

Wednesday 28th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Unwinding the secrets of thermal pulses and sculpted winds in AGB stars with ALMA  Matthias Maercker
10:15 Early ALMA observations towards the Galactic Centre  Anthony Rushton
10:30 Energy dissipation tracing the early stages of cluster formation in the Antennae galaxy merger  Cinthya N. Herrera
10:45 Initial Results from SCUBA2  David Nutter
11:00 SCUBA2 observations of the DR21 region  Toby Moore