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INS2: The European Extremely Large Telescope

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Chris Evans (ATC, Edinburgh, UK), Ric Davies (MPE, Munich), Tom Herbst (MPIA, Heidelberg), Isobel Hook (Oxford), Simon Morris (Durham), Martin Roth (Potsdam), Aprajita Verma (Oxford)

Plans are advancing toward construction of the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT), the world's largest optical/infared telescope. The baseline design has a 40-m class primary aperture which, when combined with the power of adaptive optics to correct for the turbulence of the Earth's atmosphere, will provide a uniquely sensitive window on the Universe, from studies of nearby exo-planets, out to 'first light' galaxies at the largest redshifts.

The intention of this session is to bring the general astronomical community together with those working directly on the E-ELT project, to give an overview of recent developments and highlight the hugely exciting future scientific prospects. We invite talks on topics such as E-ELT science drivers and simulations, proof-of-concept science results, instrumentation design studies, and technology demonstrators.