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INS3: First Science from SCUBA-2

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Ian Robson (UKATC), Jane Greaves (St Andrews), Derek Ward-Thompson (Cardiff), Mark Thompson (Herts), James Dunlop (IfA)

The SCUBA camera opened up submillimetre imaging of the cosmos in the late 1990's. Its replacement on the James Clerk Maxwell Telescope, SCUBA-2, has come into general operation in the last year. SCUBA-2 has a much wider field-of-view, a mapping speed hundreds of times that of its predecessor, and data processing specifically designed for wide-field imaging. Legacy Surveys (many UK-led) plus PI programmes have been underway for several months, and the latest highlights will be presented. Survey topics range from star and planet formation to nearby galaxies and cosmology


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Tuesday 27th 11:45-13:00
11:45 SCUBA-2: an overview and early on-sky performance  Wayne Holland
12:05 First results from SCUBA2 - cold pre-stellar cores  Derek Ward-Thompson
12:20 New views of debris discs with SCUBA-2  Jane Greaves
12:35 First results from the SCUBA-2 Ambitious Sky Survey  Mark Thompson
12:50 Deep sub-mm imaging of the nearby galaxy NGC 7331 with SCUBA-2  Volker Heesen