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INS5: Radio to sub-millimeter technology developments for receiver arrays

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Bruno Maffei, G.Pisano, P.Wilkinson (University of Manchester)


With the present success of the latest millimeter to sub-mm space missions Herschel and Planck, there is great interest in technology developments for their successors. These future instruments will involve hundreds if not thousands of pixels. Multi-pixel receiver arrays are also being developed at lower frequency for the SKA, for the large European radio telescopes and the 500-m Chinese telescope FAST.

On the other hand, from tens of MHz to about 100 GHz, coherent phased array techniques can be used to increase the field of view of interferometer arrays or as elements in arrays (e.g. LOFAR). Even if the detector technologies might be different, there are many commonalities and potential synergies over this wide spectral range.

This session is dedicated to the state-of-the-art technology developed for present and future radio to sub-mm multi-pixel instrumentation. In particular, we welcome abstract proposals on:

- Multi-pixel instrumentation for future high sensitivity large-scale surveys: detector arrays, passive and active waveguide components, quasi-optical components and associated technologies.
- New technology developments for the SKA, ALMA and other large facilities.


This is a complete listing of all 11 entries

Poster Session B
Investigation of Optimised Horns for use in Future Arrays, as an Alternative to Corrugated Horns  Darragh McCarthy
Instrumental systematic effects of quasi-optical components for astronomical instruments  Ho-Ting Fung
Generation of vortex beams in the W-band: design and testing of a dielectric q-plate.  Stefania Maccalli
The Manchester University Student Telescope (MUST)  Monika Obrocka
Lens antenna system study for future CMB polarisation projects.  Fahri Ozturk
A 19-pixel L-band receiver array for FAST.  Bruno Maffei

Friday 30th 10:00-11:15
10:00 SCUBA-2: A 10,000 pixel bolometer camera for the JCMT  Wayne Holland
10:15 Complete refractive optical design for an instrument to detect the B-mode component  Massimo Candotti
10:30 The C-Band All Sky Survey Digital Backend  Charles Copley
10:45 A new approach to high speed digital sampling and it  Adam Coates
11:00 A dual polarised wideband planar phased array for radio astronomy  Yongwei Zhang