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MAG2: Structure and Dynamics of Solar and Stellar Magnetic Fields

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Gunnar Hornig (University of Dundee, UK), Joerg Buechner


This joint session invites contributions from Solar Physics and Astronomy on the structure and dynamics of magnetic fields. The magnetic field of a star facilitates the transport of energy from the interior to the atmosphere and beyond, and is therefore essential for understanding the appearance of stars in general and our Sun in particular. The focus of this session will be to address the nature of generic structures of magnetic fields. This includes dynamo action, energy transport and release mechanisms, as well as observational consequences such as heating and acceleration of particles or flows due to the relaxation of magnetic fields.


This is a complete listing of all 11 entries

Poster Session A
X-ray activity and rotation of the young stars in IC 348  Frauke Alexander

Tuesday 27th 14:15-15:30
14:15 Magnetic field and plasma in the atmospheres of the Sun and stars  Hardi Peter
14:40 The behaviour of the stellar wind through the magnetic cycle of Tau Boo  Aline Vidotto
14:52 The Evidence for Taylor Relaxation in Simulations of Kink-unstable Coronal Loops  Michael Bareford
15:04 Heating of braided coronal loops  David Pontin
15:16 MHD Simulations of Solar Coronal Dynamics: Effects of Parameter Variations on Local Energy Budget  Eric Adamson

Tuesday 27th 17:00-18:15
17:00 The diverse nature of stellar magnetic fields  Moira Jardine
17:25 A Non-Linear Force-Free Field Model for the Solar Magnetic Carpet  Karen Meyer
17:37 A generalised flux function for three-dimensional reconnection  Anthony Yeates
17:49 Small-scale magnetic fields in active regions and solar flares  Mykola Gordovskyy
18:01 The new method of 3D magnetic field reconstruction based on frequency filtering of torsional Alfvén  Viktor Fedun