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MST4: Recent results in MIST science

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Robert Fear (University of Leicester, UK), Colin Forsyth


The UK MIST (Magnetospheric, Ionospheric and Solar-Terrestrial) community investigates physical processes within the Sun-Earth system and at other planets. This includes study of the solar wind and planetary magnetospheres, ionospheres, thermospheres & mesospheres, and the coupling between these regions. We welcome contributions detailing the latest results from all areas of science covered by the MIST purview from the UK, Germany and beyond, including research into similar processes in other stellar systems.


This is a complete listing of all 15 entries

Poster Session B
Spatial fine-structure in trapped and precipitating medium-energy electrons in the noon sector  Martin Birch
A Comparison of Geomagnetic Storm and Quiet Time Periods Seen in Superposed SuperDARN Data  James Hutchinson
A critical examination of accelerated particle spectra in the auroral acceleration region  Colin Forsyth
ULF Waves Generated By Energetic Particle Injection  Matthew James
Statistical study of EMIC waves using Cluster satellites  Ivan Pakhotin

Friday 30th 11:45-13:00
11:45 Combined Incoherent Scatter Radar and Optical Observations of Naturally Enhance Ion Acoustic Echoes.  Brendan Goodbody
12:00 Determination of the threshold flux to stimulate upper hybrid resonance using artificial auroral...  Carl Bryers
12:15 A new model to predict large-scale structuring in the high-latitude ionosphere in real time  Alan Wood
12:30 Conjugate observations of mid-latitude travelling ionospheric disturbances by HF radars  Adrian Grocott
12:45 Investigating the Importance of Viscous Interactions on Ionospheric Convection  James Hutchinson

Friday 30th 14:15-15:30
14:15 Magnetospheric and Ionospheric Response to Solar Wind Variability at Mars  Hermann Opgenoorth
14:30 Temporal (and spatial) variations of temperature, density and emission within Saturn’s aurorae  James O'Donoghue
14:45 Dawn-Dusk Asymmetries in Average Magnetotail Pitch Angle Distributions  Andrew Walsh
15:00 Survey of anisotropic electron moments in Saturn’s magnetosphere  Chris Arridge
15:15 Evidence for Intermittent Heating in the Solar Wind  Kareem Osman