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SP1: Interplanetary observations of the solar wind

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Chris Davis (STFC, UK), Volker Bothmer (University of Gottingen), Matthew Owens (University of Reading), Jackie Davies (RAL Space)


In recent years, and particularly with the advent of the STEREO mission, many new data analysis techniques have been developed that have improved our ability to track solar wind transients out to distances of 1 AU and beyond. Combining these tracking techniques with complimentary methods such as interplanetary scintillation (IPS) and in-situ spacecraft measurements is advancing our understanding of how these solar wind transients propagate through the heliosphere. There is still much to learn about the links between the Sun and the heliosphere, in particular the origins of the ambient solar wind and solar ejecta, their structure and evolution as they propagate into interplanetary space and their subsequent interactions with planets and other solar system bodies. This session will draw together our current knowledge of the physics within the solar-heliospheric environment, and consider techniques that wil lead to progress in this area of science, with particular emphasis on the exploitation of multiple missions.


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Poster Session A
An analysis of the origin and propagation of the multiple coronal mass ejections of 1 August 2010  Richard Harrison
A self-similar expansion model for use in solar wind transient propagation studies  Dr Jackie Davies
Observations of kinetic plasma turbulence in the Slow Solar wind  Owen Roberts
CME expansion in the inner heliosphere - STEREO/SECCHI observations  Volker Bothmer
Observations of a sequence of events on the sun and their effects on the inner planets  Ailsa Prise
Inclusion of Real-Time in-situ Measurements into the UCSD Time-Dependent Tomography...  M.M. Bisi
Multi-spacecraft Study of the Heliosphere using HELIO  R.D. Bentley
Characteristics of the Solar Wind Electron Distribution at 10AU  Andrew Walsh

Wednesday 28th 10:00-11:15
10:00 The structure of the inner heliosphere as revealed by amateur astronomers’ images of comets  Yudish Ramanjooloo
10:15 A survey of corotating interaction regions observed by the STEREO HI imagers 2007 - 2010  Thomas Michael Conlon
10:30 A Direct Test for Models of Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence in the Solar Wind  Andrew Turner
10:45 Small-Scale Structure of Slow Solar Wind Transients  Stuart A. Hardwick
11:00 Past, Present, and Planned Heliospheric Remote-Sensing Observations at Aberystwyth Uni. (Invited)  M.M. Bisi