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SP3: UKSP/MIST Missions Forum 2012

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David William (MSSL)


This is a very exciting time for the future of the heliophysics community. Solar Orbiter has just been adopted by ESA, and we have the opportunity to discuss where we want to go beyond this, scientifically and literally. Another ESA M-class mission call is anticipated in the next two years, multilateral opportunities are also emerging, and we'd like our heliospheric community to be ready to capitalise on them and bring ideas that they, themselves, would like to discuss. The session is one of our main channels for informing young and experienced researchers in the community of the upcoming opportunities on the sort of timescales that they need to plan the next phase of their careers.

With that in mind, we will offer a session to cover the possible futures for missions which will explore the heliospheric environment in new and exciting ways. As in the previous two years' sessions, we will invite some experienced figures to talk, but we encourage you to submit abstracts on mission or facility opportunities which you feel could benefit the community. Poster contributions on existing missions and facilities are also very welcome. Please note that there will be a dedicated Solar Orbiter session - of particular interest to heliophysicists! - and relevant contributions can be directed to that session.


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Poster Session A
The SDO data hub at UCLan  S. Regnier
The SWARM mission opportunity  malcolm Dunlop
SPARK: Solar Particle Acceleration, Radiation and Kinetics  Sarah Matthews

Wednesday 28th 17:00-18:15
17:00 Exploration of the Heliosphere  Alan Smith
17:15 KuaFu – exploring the Sun-Earth connection  Steve Milan
17:30 New space weather applications and novel designs  Chris Davis
17:45 A ROSA view for Solar Physics  Mihalis Mathioudakis
18:00 The Solar-C mission  Louise Harra