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SP4: Solar Orbiter mission - How does the Sun createand control the heliosphere?

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Andrzej Fludra (STFC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory), Louise Harra (UCL/MSSL), Tim Horbury (Imperial College), Chris Owen (UCL/MSSL)


Solar Orbiter has been selected as ESA's Cosmic Vision Medium Class mission for launch in 2017. The spacecraft will travel closer to the Sun than any previous solar mission, reaching 0.28 AU at perihelion. The inclination of its elliptical orbit will increase up to 30 degrees latitude to provide, for the first time, a clear view of Sun's polar regions. Solar Orbiter will measure the solar wind plasma, fields, waves and energetic particles close to the Sun and provide the first detailed link between the solar wind and magnetic fields measured at the location of the spacecraft and their origins on the Sun.

The mission represents a unique opportunity for members of both the Solar Physics and STP communities to come together to capitalise on the science of Solar Orbiter. This session will be used to inform both communities of the mission's concept, instruments and science goals and to begin joint scientific preparations for this exciting opportunity. We invite presentations regarding recent work that relates to the science goals of Solar Orbiter and the scientific preparation for the mission, including theory and modelling as well as data analysis results. Contributions describing other missions and instrumentation that will provide related measurements during the Solar Orbiter era are also welcome.


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Poster Session A
The Spectrometer/Telescope for Imaging X-rays (STIX)  Marina Battaglia
The EUV Imager (EUI) for Solar Orbiter  Louise Harra
Solar Orbiter: The Solar Wind Analysers (SWA) Experiment  Prof Christopher Owen
Observation of kinetic plasma turbulence in the solar wind  XING LI
Can we learn something new about solar prominence eruptions with Solar Orbiter?  Nicolas Labrosse
Spectral diagnostics with SPICE  Giulio Del Zanna
Solar Orbiter magnetometer: overview, science goals and status  Tim Horbury
Magnetic topology of Active Regions and Coronal Holes: Coronal Outflows and the Solar Wind  Lidia van Driel-Gesztelyi
Coronal Jet, Magnetic Topology, and the Production of an Interplanetary Electron Stream  Sarah Matthews
Science Goals of SPICE EUV Spectrometer for Solar Orbiter  Andrzej Fludra

Wednesday 28th 11:45-13:15
11:45 Solar Orbiter: mission overview  Tim Horbury
12:00 Solar Orbiter remote sensing instrumentation: what will we be able to measure?  Louise Harra
12:15 Solar Orbiter: In-situ Instrument Capabilities and Measurements  Prof Christopher Owen
12:30 Solar Orbiter science goals with remote sensing instruments  Thomas Wiegelmann
12:45 Solar Orbiter: Heliospheric science  Mathew Owens
13:00 The origins and heliospheric evolution of homologous CMEs originating from NOAA AR11093  Kimberley Steed