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SP5: Waves in the solar atmosphere

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M. Mathioudakis (University of Belfast, UK), Richard J Morton (University of Sheffield, UK)


Over the last few years, magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) waves and oscillations have been observed to be continuous and ubiquitous in all the different layers of the solar atmosphere with both space-based missions (e.g. SOHO, TRACE, STEREO, Hinode & SDO) and ground-based facilities (e.g. ROSA & COMP/DST, CRISP/SST, TESOS/VTT, GONG/NSO etc). The generated waves are believed to play a hugely important and influential role in determining the behaviour of the Sun's highly structured and dynamic atmosphere from the solar surface up to the corona, even determining Space Weather in the interplanetary space.

The aim of this session is to discuss recent advancements, challenges and future directions in the theory, simulation and observation of wave phenomena from the interior to the outer layers of the solar atmosphere.


This is a complete listing of all 24 entries

Poster Session A
Transverse oscillations in chromospheric mottles  David Kuridze
Stability of Current Sheets in the Solar Corona  Zimovets Ivan
Transversal oscillations in emerging flux tubes  Istvan Ballai
Geometry of acoustic wavefronts generated by a point source in the Sun: effects of cut-off frequency  S. Zharkov
The Coronal Pulse Identification and Tracking Algorithm (CorPITA)  David Long
The Source of Three-minute Magneto-acoustic Oscillations in Coronal Fans  David Jess
A Study of an M Class Flare Observed by ROSA and SDO  Peter Keys

Tuesday 27th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Using helioseismic oscillations to characterise the Sun’s internal magnetic field  Anne-Marie Broomhall
10:12 Multi-wavelength helioseismology with the Solar Dynamics Observatory  Rachel Howe
10:24 MHD Sausage Oscillations in Magnetic Wave guides in the lower Solar Atmosphere  Nabil Freij
10:36 Revealing the nature of magnetic shadows of network magnetic elements with 3D-MHD simulations  Oskar Steiner
10:48 Propagation of Alfvén Waves from the Corona to Chromosphere  Alexander Russell
11:00 Resonant damping of kink oscillations of cooling coronal magnetic loops  Michael Ruderman

Tuesday 27th 11:45-13:00
11:45 Recent results and future challenges for global helioseismology  Professor William Chaplin
12:08 Spatial damping of propagating kink waves  David Pascoe
12:20 The Effects of Line-of-Sight integration on Multistrand Coronal Loop Oscillations  Ineke De Moortel
12:32 Line-of-sight geometrical effects on intensity perturbations by sausage modes  Patrick Antolin
12:44 Longitudinal MHD Waves in Dissipative Time-Dependent Plasma  Khalil Al-Ghafri
12:56 Vorticity and surface Alfven waves in the solar corona.  Tom Van Doorsselaere

Tuesday 27th 14:15-15:30
14:15 Solar Magnetoseismology  Dr. Gary Verth
14:38 Propagating Disturbances in Coronal Loops: A Detailed Analysis of Propagation Speeds  Greg Kiddie
14:51 On the non-existence of a cut-off frequency for the propagtion of kink-modes on a stratified tube  J. Andries
15:04 Propagating Disturbances in Fan Loops as seen from EIS/Hinode & AIA/SDO  Dipankar Banerjee
15:17 The measurement of the apparent phase speed of the propagating EUV disturbances  Ding Yuan