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SP6: Solar Physics General session

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Valery Nakariakov (University of Warwick, UK), and the UKSP SOC

This session will include all aspects of Solar Physics, from the interior to the atmosphere and the heliosphere, especially topics not well covered in other sessions of the programme. Abstracts on latest developments in theory, modelling and observations of the Sun, and the interaction between these, are invited.


This is a complete listing of all 26 entries

Poster Session B
Stellar Variability in the Kepler Q1 Data  Amy McQuillan
Influence of a variation of the fine structure constant on the sun and the habitability of earth  Bjoern Soergel
A method for analysing the temperature structure of the solar corona  Andrew Leonard
Treasures at RAS: Analysis of Schwabe  R.Arlt
Observations of Low Frequency Solar Radio Bursts from the Rosse Solar-Terrestrial Observatory.  Pietro Zucca
Downward-moving Thick Target Flare Emission Driven by Hardening in Nonthermal Electron Spectrum  Aidan O'Flannagain
CME-related changes in line-of-sight magnetic field strength in dimming regions observed by Hinode  Ehsan Pedram
Invisible Active Region emergences in line-of-sight magnetogram data  Silvia Dalla
Impulsive Phase Footpoint DEMs  David Graham
The influence of coronal emission lines on prominence plasma.  Gerrard Brown
Flare ribbons in the early phase of an SDO flare: emission measure and energetics  Lyndsay Fletcher
SDO observations and modeling of flaring loops.  Dr Panagiota Petkaki
Predicting space climate change.  Luke Barnard
Mass estimates of rapidly-moving prominence material from high-cadence EUV images  David Williams

Friday 30th 11:45-13:15
11:45 Type-II spicule heating and magnetic fields  Eamon Scullion
11:57 RHESSI and SDO observations of the chromospheric and coronal plasma parameters during a solar flare  Marina Battaglia
12:09 HINODE/EIS coronal foot point blue shifts and changes with line formation temperature  Keiran Burrows
12:21 Coronal Mass Ejection Mass, Energy, and Forces using STEREO  Eoin Carley
12:33 MHD turbulence in the solar tachocline  Professor Steve Tobias
12:45 Particle acceleration by dispersive Alfven waves in 2.5D and 3D solar flare plasmas  David Tsiklauri
12:57 Supersonic Snowballs in Hell - Theory & hot new data on sun-plunging comet destruction  JC Brown

Friday 30th 14:15-15:30
14:15 Implications for solar flare energy transport in the light of recent observations of sun-quakes  S. Zharkov
14:27 Break-up of filament plasma by Rayleigh-Taylor instabilities  Davina Innes
14:39 Ubiquitous Blueshifts in multi-stranded coronal loops  Stephane Regnier
14:51 Flare Observations of the EUV Continua  Ryan Milligan
15:15 Hard X-ray Observations of Solar Loops and Wandering Magnetic Field Lines  Eduard Kontar