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STA2: Binary Stars: Duplicity is Everywhere

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Rob Izzard (University of Bonn, Germany), Christopher Tout (University of Cambridge)


Binary stars are excellent probes of many aspects of modern astrophysics from nucleosynthesis to general relativity. In this session we will investigate all aspects of binary stars such as compact binaries (cataclysmic variables, double white dwarfs/neutron stars, X-ray binaries, gravitational wave sources etc.), chemically peculiar stars (e.g. barium and carbon-rich stars, sdO/B/RCrB stars), mass transfer and stellar mergers. We invite both observers and modellers, in particular PhD students, to participate in this exciting session!


This is a complete listing of all 39 entries

Poster Session B
Dual Chemistry of GB PNe from HST, VLT and Spitzer  Lizette Guzman-Ramirez
Period decrease in three SuperWASP eclipsing binary candidates near the short-period limit  Marcus Lohr
Photometric and spectroscopic study of the recurrent nova T Pyx in its 2011 outburst  Farung Surina
A substellar cuckoo  Sarah Casewell
A proper motion study of wide binary companions to Hipparcos stars with Pan-STARRS1  Niall R. Deacon
The formation and fragmentation of discs around primordial (Pop III) protostars  Paul Clark
Planets around the cataclysmic variable UZ Fornacis?  Madelon Bours
Probing the Substellar Graveyard  Paul Steele
Multiplicity of B type stars by direct imaging  Christian Adam
The Dependence of Dust Formation Timescale on the Speed Class of Novae  Steven Williams
Kepler  Rene Breton
OH Maser Flaring Event in o Ceti  Sandra Etoka
Observation of the Planetary Nebula surrounding V458 Vulpeculae via its Light-Echo  Rebkah Hounsell
Infrared-Interferometry of the septuple system nu Scorpii  Rebekka Grellmann
Evolution towards the field binary population in dense star clusters  Thomas Kaczmarek
PG1544+488: First of its kind -- A binary containing twin hot helium-rich subdwarfs  H. Tugca Sener-Satir
Searching for companions in CRIRES spectra and slit-viewer images of telluric standards  Jonathan Smoker
The sky has still got the blues for us to explore! The blue objects catalogue from The RATS project  Onur SATIR
Suppression of X-rays during an optical outburst of the helium dwarf nova KL Dra  Gavin Ramsay

Thursday 29th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Natal kicks of stellar-mass black holes  Melvyn Davies
10:15 The Tidal Excitation of Oscillations and Heartbeat Stars  Kelly Hambleton
10:30 Binaries among debris disc A-stars.  Nathalie D Thureau
10:45 MIDIs Interferometric View of Circumstellar Discs in Binary and Multiple Systems  Thorsten Ratzka
11:00 Exposed red giant cores in eclipsing binary stars from the WASP archive  Pierre Maxted

Thursday 29th 11:45-13:00
11:45 Duplicity in stellar populations  Dr John Eldridge
12:00 The VLT-FLAMES Tarantula Survey: Binary fraction of B type stars in the Tarantula Nebula  Paul Dunstall
12:15 A Binary and Single star population synthesis model of the Kepler Field  Robert Farmer
12:30 Orbital decay of binary stars in gas  Christina Hövel
12:45 Tidal Disruption of binaries: Hypervelocity Stars and Triton  Shiho Kobayashi

Friday 30th 10:00-11:15
10:00 Planetary nebulae after common-envelope phases initiated by low-mass red giants  Philip D. Hall
10:15 On the Progenitors of Classical and Recurrent Novae  Matt Darnley
10:30 Modelling the spectrum of the recurrent nova U Scorpii in quiescence  Michael Maxwell
10:45 Classical Novae : solving the J star puzzle  Sutirtha Sengupta
11:00 Morphological changes in the circumstellar environment of V Hya  Foteini Lykou

Friday 30th 11:45-13:00
11:45 Aspherical Planetary Nebulae: Binaries Blowing Bubbles  David Jones
12:00 Deep optical surveys in search for accreting compact binaries  Sandra Greiss
12:15 The hidden population of AM CVn binaries in the SDSS  Philip Carter
12:30 The effects of stellar and close binary evolution on the present day mass function  Fabian Schneider
12:45 Evidence for neutron star formation without a core-collapse supernova in the double pulsar system  Robert Ferdman