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OTH1: Other Topics - Posters ONLY


Abstracts are invited for any topics in astronomy and astrophysics which do not fit into any of the above sessions. These may be accepted as posters only. (Please contact if you wish to submit a talk and are not sure which session it should be submitted to.)


This is a complete listing of all 19 entries

Poster Session A
A Possible Astronomically Aligned Monolith at Gardom’s Edge  Dr. Daniel Brown
Science with APEX-SZ  Sandra Burkutean
Size differences in red and blue globular clusters  Jonathan M. B. Downing
Cosmology and Galactic Foregrounds at 11-30 GHz with the Q-U-I JOint Tenerife Experiment  Stuart Harper
Virialised galaxy groups and optical substructure  Richard Pearson
24-160 micron images of nearby galaxies from the Spitzer archive  George J. Bendo
Hubble Deep Field observations with e-MERLIN  Nick Wrigley
Using data from the GAIA-ESO survey to advance knowledge of young star-forming regions.  Amy Dobson
Optimizing future dark energy surveys for model selection goals (ArXiV: 1111.1870)  Catherine Watkinson

Poster Session B
Mysteries of the North Star: Stellar Evolution Modelling, Period Change and Mass Loss˜  Hilding Neilson
The First Public Data Releases from the VISTA Science Archive.  Nicholas Cross
Are the constant Kepler A-stars chemically peculiar?  Simon Murphy
CO Excitation Temperatures in the Winds of Betelgeuse  Sarah Kennelly
A study of particle energisation in kinematic MHD models of CMTs in the relativistic regime  Solmaz Eradat Oskoui
Integral field spectroscopy on small aperture telescopes  Samuel Richards
ACAM - A New Imager / Spectrograph at the William Herschel Telescope  Chris Benn
Remote observing with the ING telescopes  Ian Skillen
Enhancements to AF2/WYFFOS on the WHT  Ian Skillen
Student training at the telescope in the 10-m era  Chris Benn