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Chemodynamical evolution of M33 size disk galaxies

Author: Awat Rahimi


Co-Authors: Daisuke Kawata

Session: GAL: Physics of galaxies at high and low redshift (includes Milky Way)

Presentation type: Poster


We are developing a new version of GCD+, an N-body/SPH chemodynamical code, to include powerful supernovae feedback and metal diffusion and new star formation and feedback recipes to keep the gas and stellar particle masses equal and constant. We simulate M33-size galaxies, and compare them with recent multi-wavelength observations. We set up an initial condition of an M33-like galaxy that comprises gas and stellar disk particles in a fixed dark matter halo gravitational potential. The simulations then follow about 2 billion years of evolution and include the effects of radiative cooling, star formation and chemical evolution. We discuss how the star formation rate, metallicity distribution and velocity dispersion of the gas components are affected by the modelling of star formation and feedback, comparing with recent observations.

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