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Optical Monitoring of the Black Hole X-Ray Binaries, XTE J1118+480 and GX 339-4

Author: Fraser Lewis

Faulkes Telescope Project

Co-Authors: D.M. Russell (Amsterdam, IAC)

Session: HE3: Multi-wavelength observations of compact objects

Presentation type: Talk      00:00  Poster Session B 


We present results from the long-term optical monitoring of these two black hole X-Ray Binaries using the Faulkes Telescopes North and South. These two 2-metre facilities (in Hawai'i and Australia) have allowed us to undertake regular monitoring of these sources in V, R and i' bands. The flexibility of our monitoring campaign allows us to alter the cadence of our observations in response to outbursts or state transitions within these systems. We show that the long-term (~ 5 years) variability of XTE J1118+480 can be accounted for by just the variability of its (orbital) ellipsoidal modulation. We also show that the system is bluer when brighter comensurate with emission from an accretion disc. We discuss results from short-term variability studies of GX 339-4 in outburst and during its fades towards quiescence and show that the rms variability in the optical is state dependent as seen at X-ray wavelengths.

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