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Velocity flows inside NOA AR 10720 derived by temporally evolving ring diagram analysis

Author: Balázs Pintér

Aberystwyth University

Co-Authors: K. Burrows (Aberystwyth University)

Session: WAV: Waves and transients

Presentation type: Poster


Between 13th and 16th January 2005, NOA active region 10720 was the site of several large flare events. On 15th January, an X1.2 class flare became seismically active and produced one of the largest flare-induced quakes ever observed by the SOHO spacecraft. The quake rapidly expanded into the surrounding active-region plasma causing a disturbance to the internal velocity fields within the region. Using a temporal scanning technique for helioseismic ring diagram analysis of SOHO/MDI dopplergrams, we have calculated the internal flows of the region and the subsurface factors which might have contributed to the quake event.

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