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The sky has still got the blues for us to explore! The blue objects catalogue from The RATS project

Author: Onur SATIR

Armagh Observatory

Co-Authors: G.Ramsay (Armagh Observatory)

Session: STA2: Binary Stars: Duplicity is Everywhere

Presentation type: Poster      Poster Session B   


We present the first catalogue of "blue" objects selected from The RATS (the RApid Temporal Survey) project, which explores the faint, variable sky. The RATS project covered approximately 40 square degrees of the sky close to the Galactic plane via observations taken between 2003-2010. The observational strategy was to take exposures approximately every minute with wide-field CCD cameras for two hours in each field. To select “blue” objects, we have developed an automated colour-selection method on a field-by-field basis. Our targets, include white dwarfs, white dwarf binaries (such as AM CVn binaries and other CV's, non-interacting WD-WD binaries etc.), sdB's, stellar pulsators for example. We anticipate that this work will allow us to place constraints on the space density of these objects.

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