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Suppression of X-rays during an optical outburst of the helium dwarf nova KL Dra

Author: Gavin Ramsay

Armagh Observatory

Co-Authors: Tom Barclay (NASA Ames), Danny Steeghs (Warwick), Simon Rosen (Leicester), Peter Wheatley (Warwick)

Session: STA2: Binary Stars: Duplicity is Everywhere

Presentation type: Talk      00:00  Poster Session B 


KL Dra is a helium accreting AM CVn binary system with an orbital period of 25 mins. Approximately evey 60 days there is an optical outburst which has a duration of 10 days where its brightens by 4 mag. We present the most sensitive X-ray observations made of an AM CVn over the course of an outburst cycle. A series of eight observations were made using XMM-Newton which started shortly after an optical outburst. We find that the X-rays are suppressed during the optical outburst: there appears to be a delay in the re-appearance of the X-rays compared to the decay of the UV emission. There is some evidence for a spectral variation of the X-ray spectrumduring the course of the outburst (especially at the softest energies) and that its temperature is cooler during optical outburst compared to quiescence.We compare these results with outburst from the hydrogen accreting dwarf novae.

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