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A Binary and Single star population synthesis model of the Kepler Field

Author: Robert Farmer

The Open University

Co-Authors: U.Kolb (The Open University)

Session: STA2: Binary Stars: Duplicity is Everywhere

Presentation type: Talk      12:15  Thursday 29th 11:45-13:00 


We present population synthesis calculations for the Kepler field, using a comprehensive stellar and binary evolution code based on that of Hurley, Pols, Tout (2000,2002) and Willems et al (2006). We modified the code to take into account magnitudes of star systems in multiple filters, including Kepler's; transits depths of eclipsing binaries, taking into account limb and gravity darkening; and 3D spatial information, including the Kepler CCD structure. We show how our Galactic model compares with that of the Kepler Input Catalogue and how we have calibrated the model to fit the observations. We also present our initial results for creating a synthetic catalogue of eclipsing binaries for comparison with the catalogues of Prsa et al (2011) and Slawson et al (2011).

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