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Collisions in Saturn's F ring

Author: Nick Attree

Queen Mary, University of London

Co-Authors: C. D. Murray; N. J. Cooper; G. A. Williams (Queen Mary, University of London)

Session: PL1: Small bodies in Our Solar System

Presentation type: Talk      14:43  Tuesday 27th 14:15-15:30 


Saturn's F ring, located several thousand kilometres outside the main ring system, contains a myriad of complex and time varying structures ranging in scale from ~1 to ~200km. In addition to perturbations from the two `shepherd- ing' moons Prometheus and Pandora it has long been suspected of harbouring, and being influenced by, a population of small (~1km radius) moonlets. In this talk I will present some of the latest work on F-ring `jets' which are evidence of collisions between ring particles and other objects. Cassini observations of these features will help put constraints on the colliding population as well as improving our knowledge of low velocity (~m/s) impacts between icy objects.

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