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Modelling the spectrum of the recurrent nova U Scorpii in quiescence

Author: Michael Maxwell

University of Central Lancashire

Co-Authors: S.P.S. Eyres (UCLan) M.T. Rushton (UCLan)

Session: STA2: Binary Stars: Duplicity is Everywhere

Presentation type: Talk      10:30  Friday 30th 10:00-11:15 


U Scorpii is a recurrent nova which underwent its 10th observed outburst in January 2010. In May 2011, by which time the system was expected to have returned to quiescence, we obtained NUV, optical, and NIR spectra of the system with VLT/XShooter across a range of orbital phases. The continuum and spectral features were found to be dominated by the accretion disc. We have modelled the disc emission in order to investigate the effect of varying the mass transfer rate on these spectra and, by comparing these to our observed spectra, we estimate the mass transfer rate in U Sco during quiescence. Since U Sco has a very short recurrence timescale, approximately 10 years, understanding the mass transfer rate is essential if the behaviour of this system and other recurrent novae are to be understood; this is crucial if the question regarding a potential link between recurrent novae and type Ia supernovae is to be definitively answered.

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