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Physical characterisation of low Delta-V NEA (190491) 2000 FJ10 with SALT

Author: Apostolos Christou

Armagh Observatory

Co-Authors: T. Kwiatkowski (Adam Mickiewicz University (Astronomical Observatory), Poland); A. Gulbis (South African Astronomical Observatory, South Africa); M. Butkiewicz, (Adam Mickiewicz University (Astronomical Observatory), Poland); T. Michalowski (Poznan Astronomical Observatory, Poland)

Session: PL1: Small bodies in Our Solar System

Presentation type: Talk      10:33  Tuesday 27th 10:00-11:15 


We report on observations of NEA (190491) 2000 FJ10 conducted during the second half of September 2011 with the SALT telescope and SALTICAM instrument from Sutherland, South Africa. 2000 FJ10 is a near-Earth asteroid (NEA) in a moderately eccentric orbit (e~0.2) with a perihelion distance of 1 AU. This NEA ranks 114th out of ~8500 objects in terms of Delta v required to rendezvous with it (see list by L. Benner ; and is the second largest among all objects that outrank it. Hence, it is an attractive target for robotic or human exploration. The colour of the asteroid, as measured by us in the sloan g', r' and i' bands, indicates that it most likely belongs to a class of geologically-evolved, higher albedo objects such as an X or S type. A primitive classification such as D cannot be excluded based on our observations alone. Constraints on the asteroid's rotation period and size will also be reported during this presentation.

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