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The LOFAR Transients Key Science Project: image plane transients and multiwavelength follow-up

Author: Rob Fender

University of Southampton

Co-Authors: J. Broderick (Southampton), B. Stappers (Manchester), R. Wijers (Amsterdam) on behalf of the LOFAR Transients Key Science Projecy

Session: INS4: LOFAR, the LOw Frequency ARray: Ongoing Developments and Early Results

Presentation type: Talk      10:25  Thursday 29th 10:00-11:15 


In this talk I will summarise the searches for radio transients and variables in the image plane with LOFAR. I will present early results from targetted observations of known variable sources, such as SS433. I will also present the first results from very wide field blind searches for radio transients in both the LOFAR high and low bands. The former may have turned up the first strong LOFAR transient candidate, and the latter is already the highest cadence blind radio transient search to date, with over 1000 images of the same ~100 sq deg field. Finally, I will conclude by summarising our plans for rapid multiwavelength follow up of transient events via a network of automated optical and radio telescopes.

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