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CO Excitation Temperatures in the Winds of Betelgeuse

Author: Sarah Kennelly

Astrophysics Research Group, Trinity College Dublin

Co-Authors: Graham Harper (Astrophysics Research Group, Trinity College Dublin), Nils Ryde (Lund Observatory, Sweden)

Session: OTH1: Other Topics - Posters ONLY

Presentation type: Poster      Poster Session B   


Spatial variations of the 4.6 μm CO fundamental lines in the winds of Betelgeuse are investigated. Excitation temperatures are estimated from line ratios in the Phoenix spectra obtained on the 8 metre Gemini-S (Smith et al, 2009). These spectra map the circumstellar shell via wind scattered ro-vibrational lines of CO and were obtained at distances of 0.5″ and 1″ from the star. Excitation temperatures estimated from these measurements are compared to those obtained in the classic 1979 Bernat et al study, and to Phoenix/Kitt Peak results reported by Ryde et al(1999), which are spatially resolved and were obtained at the greater projected distance of 4″ from the star.

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