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Infrared-Interferometry of the septuple system nu Scorpii

Author: Rebekka Grellmann

Universitaets-Sternwarte Muenchen

Co-Authors: Thorsten Ratzka (USM) Thomas Preibisch (USM) Rainer Koehler (LSW) Paola Mucciarell (USM)

Session: STA2: Binary Stars: Duplicity is Everywhere

Presentation type: Talk      00:00  Poster Session B 


Using infrared interferometry for the search of companions around stars efficently fills the gap between spectroscopic and visual (adaptive optics etc.) studies in terms of angular resolution. Only in this way, a complete picture of the mulitplicity of stars can be obtained. In this talk I will focus on interferometric observations of the septuple hierarchical B star nu Scorpii perfomed with the AMBER instrument at the Very Large Telescope Interferometer. Using published speckle interferometry observations we can constrain the orbit of one of the close companions (~80 mas). We furthermore combine this observation with ROSAT X-ray data of the system and can thus make even more conclusions about the mass distribution between the companions.

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