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The unusual comet P/2010 TO20 LINEAR-Grauer

Author: Pedro Lacerda



Session: PL1: Small bodies in Our Solar System

Presentation type: Poster      Poster Session A   


I will briefly describe an observational and dynamical study of the unusual comet P/2010 TO20 LINEAR-Grauer. Discovered in late 2010 by LINEAR, this object was first classified as a Jupiter Trojan. Subsequent observations obtained in late October 2011 revealed 2010 TO20 to be a Jupiter-family comet. LINEAR-Grauer has one of the largest perihelia (q=5.1 AU) and lowest eccentricities (e=0.09) among Jupiter-family comets. I will present optical broadband observations of this object taken on 29-31 October 2011 as well as pre-covered images taken in October 2010 as part of the Pan-STARRS survey. The latter show that LINEAR-Grauer was clearly active at the time of discovery by LINEAR. Dynamical simulations indicate the LINEAR-Grauer is in a very unstable orbit and probably originated in the trans-Neptunian region of the solar system.

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