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A Herschel Survey of the trans-Neptunian Region

Author: Pedro Lacerda


Co-Authors: The Herschel Open Time Key Programme "TNOs Are Cool" Team

Session: PL1: Small bodies in Our Solar System

Presentation type: Talk      14:15  Tuesday 27th 14:15-15:30 


I will present a summary of results from our Herschel "TNOs Are Cool" Key Programme to observe trans-Neptunian objects and other outer solar system bodies. The main goal of the programme is to measure the albedos and sizes of more than 100 TNOs. Our sample includes TNOs in different dynamical classes (Classical KBOs, Plutinos, Scattered) and a number of Centaurs. In addition to albedos/sizes, our results include thermal lightcurve observations for a few interesting targets (e.g. Haumea), and more detailed multiband (thermal to submm) characterisation of selected dwarf planets (e.g. Makemake).

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