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Virialised galaxy groups and optical substructure

Author: Richard Pearson

University of Birmingham


Session: OTH1: Other Topics - Posters ONLY

Presentation type: Poster      Poster Session A   


Most X-ray studies of galaxy groups and clusters are subject to significant selection effects whereby only the most X-ray luminous systems tend to be studied. This results in poor knowledge about the properties of low mass, low luminosity systems, and also makes it impossible to get an unbiased estimate of the distribution of gas entropy in groups, which is a key indicator of cosmic feedback. With the use of large optical surveys it is possible to select groups and clusters without prior knowledge of their x-ray properties, however this may result in the inclusion of groups that are not fully virialised. Since we would like to establish the properties of an unbiased sample of virialised groups, we have been investigating the ability of substructure tests, applied to the distribution of group galaxies, to discriminate systems which are in virial equilibrium. Our substructure analyses have been calibrated on mock data provided by the GAMA consortium, and applied to select targets for X-ray observation with Chandra. We discuss our methods and present some initial results from our X-ray observations.

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