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Exploring the treasure trove: PIRATE as a remotely operated exoplanets winnower

Author: Jakub J Bochinski

Open University

Co-Authors: R.Busuttil (Open University); S.Holmes (Open University); U.C.Kolb (Open University); C.A.Haswell (Open University)

Session: PL2: Exoplanets

Presentation type: Poster      Poster Session B   


The SuperWASP consortium has to date identified several thousand exoplanetary candidates worthy of follow-up. Based on current statistics, most of these will prove to be mimics, many of which could be interesting in their own right. To deal with the large quantities of candidates, a cost effective follow-up procedure is required, to both broadly categorise all objects and identify the most interesting ones for further follow-up on high-demand telescopes. In this context, we present PIRATE Mk II (Physics Innovations Robotic Astronomical Telescope Explorer) in its current role as a second stage exoplanetary candidate winnower. Our pipeline data reduction methods are explained as well as the rationale behind the current site, instrument set-up and mode of observations. With the present rate of data acquisition it should be possible to cover several hundred targets per year, or a quarter of all "A-grade", northern hemisphere, SWASP photometric follow-up candidates. Finally, we present and discuss example light curves and results, including typical mimic and exoplanetary signals.

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