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The EAGLE instrument for the E-ELT, developments since delivery of Phase A

Author: Prof Simon L Morris

Durham University

Co-Authors: S. L. Morris (Durham University), J-G. Cuby (LAM, Marseille), C. Evans (UKATC), T. Fusco (ONERA), P. Jagourel (GEPI, Paris), P. Parr-Burman (UKATC), G. Rousset (LESIA, Paris), H. Schnetler (UKATC)

Session: INS2: The European Extremely Large Telescope

Presentation type: Talk      12:20  Thursday 29th 11:45-13:00 


The EAGLE instrument is a Multi-Object Adaptive Optics (MOAO) fed, multiple Integral Field Spectrograph, working in the Near Infra-Red, on the European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). A phase A design study was delivered to the European Southern Observatory in October 2009. Since that time there have been a number of developments, which we summarise here. The science case for the instrument, while broad, highlighted in particular: understanding the stellar populations of galaxies in the nearby universe, the observation of the evolution of galaxies during the period of rapid stellar build-up between redshifts of 2-5, and the search for 'first light' in the universe at redshifts beyond 7. In the last 2 years substantial progress has been made in these areas, and we have updated our science case to show that EAGLE is still an essential facility for the E-ELT. This in turn allowed us to revisit the science requirements for the instrument, confirming most of the original decisions, but with some minor modifications. The original location considered for the instrument (a gravity invariant focal station) is no longer in the E-ELT Construction Proposal, and so we have performed some preliminary analyses to show that the instrument can be simply adapted to work at the E-ELT Nasmyth platform. Since the delivery of the Phase A documentation, MOAO has been demonstrated on-sky by the CANARY experiment at the William Herschel Telescope.

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