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The kinematics of star formation: Theory and observation in the Gaia era
The Geological Society
Burlington House
Start Time: 9 Jan 2015 - 10:30
End Time: 9 Jan 2015 - 15:30

An RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting organised by Nick Wright (Hertfordshire)*,

Richard Parker (LJMU), Rowan Smith ( Manchester / Heidelberg)

*Contact: nick.nwright AT


With the advent or recent large-scale radial velocity surveys and the recent launch of ESA's astrometric Gaia satellite, studies of the kinematics of young stars have become increasingly prominent over the last few years. They are the key to our understanding of both the star formation process and the formation and early evolution of star clusters, allowing us to test the results of hydrodynamic simulations of the star formation process and N-body models of the dynamical evolution of star clusters. This specialist discussion meeting will focus on recent observations and models of the kinematics of young stars and star clusters, and will also discuss the upcoming wealth of kinematic data expected from the Gaia mission and how the community can best prepare for it.


10.00     Coffee

10.30     Opening remarks - Nick Wright


Session 1: The kinematics of the star formation process (Chair: Rowan Smith)


10.35     The dynamics of cluster formation - Paul Clark (invited talk)

11.10     Gas kinematics in massive and dense molecular clouds - Jonathan Henshaw

11.30     Star formation in molecular clouds extracted from galactic simulations: The effect of stellar feedback - Ramon Rey-Raposo


Session 2: The kinematics of star clusters and young stars (Chair: Richard Parker)


11.50     Clusters or Associations: how do most stars form? - Simon Goodwin (invited talk)

12.25     Kinematics of protostellar groups and clusters from numerical simulations - Matthew Bate

12.45     The Formation of High Mass Stars - Nate Bastian


13.05     Lunch


14.05     Kinematic observations of young clusters - Estelle Moraux (invited talk)

14.40     Looking for kinematic substructures in open clusters: The case of NGC 2264 - Emilio Alfaro Navarro

15.00     Discussion (Chair: Nick Wright)

15.30     Tea