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International Year of Light 2015 video

International Year of Light2015 marks the UNESCO International Year of Light and Light Based Technologies. Celebrations will take place throughout the year, across the globe, and involve events and activities covering a wide variety of topics for all ages and levels of expertise. To find out what is going on near you have a look at the IYOL 2015 UK website.

2015 also coincides with the anniversaries of a series of milestones in the history of the science of light that are celebrated during the year. The Open University, with funding from the RAS and SEPNet, has produced the video below to highlight some of them.



All these scientists have changed the world with their revolutionary ideas. The video covers:

  • 1000 years of The Book of Optics by Ibn Al Haytham (1015)
  • 200 years of the wavelength theory of light by Fresnel (1815)
  • 150 years of the electromagnetic theory of light by Maxwell (1865)
  • 100 years of general relativity by Einstein (1915)
  • 50 years of the discovery of the cosmic microwave background by Penzias & Wilson (1965)
  • 50 years since the implementation of fibre optics in communications by Charles Kao (1965)