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Science teaching in schools

Created on Tuesday, 20 June 2006 09:49
The RAS has submitted evidence to the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee.  The Committee is particularly concerned with the decline in the number of A-level entries in the sciences and has established an inquiry into the role that teachers and teaching methods can play in reversing this decline
The Society, in its evidence, draws attention to the higher profile of astronomy in the English national curriculum (and the new GCSE specification) as an excellent way of engaging young people in science. It compares the situation in Scotland which organises much of its science teaching around the flagship topic of Space. Astronomy, along with Space Science and Geophysics,the RAS believes, can encourage young people to take up science and motivate some of them to become teachers of science, the most critical requirement for addressing the crisis in school- level physics .

The RAS submission can be read here pdf_small House of Lords - science teaching.pdf