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Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (London), Blackett Laboratory-Astrophysics

Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine (Astrophysics)
Dept: Physics, (Astrophysics)
Head of Department: Prof: P. L. Knight, Prof. M. Rowan-Robinson
Courses offered: PhD (3 years)
Studentships available: PPARC PhD studentships
Average intake: 3
Entry requirements:

General Information
The research of the group embraces both theoretical and observational studies over a wide range of astrophysical topics, spanning the entire electromagnetic spectrum. The group exploits frontline facilities including the Hubble Space Telescope and Space Infrared Telescope Facility as well as the UK and ESO ground-based telescopes in Chile, Hawaii, Australia, and the Canary Islands. The main interests of the group are:
  • Cosmology: the large-scale structure of the Universe, the cosmic microwave background, and the determination of the cosmological parameters
  • Far-infrared and sub-mm extragalactic astronomy: the exploitation of current and future space and ground-based telescopes (ISO, SCUBA, SIRTF, PLANCK) to study, in particular, the history of star formation in the Universe
  • Optical, near-infrared and X-ray extragalactic astronomy: studies of high-redshift galaxies and quasars, surveys for gravitational lenses
  • Observational stellar astrophysics: supernovae; stars in star-forming regions; accretion disks and accretion disk winds in interacting binaries; the solar-stellar connection; UV/optical/infrared spectroscopy; galactic H-alpha point source survey
  • Numerical modelling of spectra: application of Monte Carlo techniques in the simulation of radiation transfer through 3-D astrophysical diffuse media
  • Particle astrophysics: underground laboratory search for Galactic dark matter, and high-energy cosmic rays
  • Fundamental physics from experiments in space: tests of general Relativity in space experiments including MiniSTEP (satellite test of the Equivalence Principle) and LISA (search for low frequency gravitational waves in space)


Contact Details
The Group SecretaryAstrophysics Group
Blackett Laboratory
Imperial College
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