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Search the online catalogue of books and journals held in the RAS library More

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The RAS Library is open 10:00–17:00 Monday to Friday More


About the Library & the archives

The Royal Astronomical Society has a world-class collection in astronomy and geophysics that is far more comprehensive than the libraries of most universities and research institutions. More

Treasures of the RAS

Videos and articles about historically significant items held in the library and archives. More

Books & journals

See a list of journals currently received. More


Many of the photographs in the archives fall into the portaits and telescopes categories, but there are many of events such as eclipse expeditions, plus many miscellaneous items and 'photographica' from the development of the photographic process. More


Sources of biographical and portrait information on astronomers. More


Obituaries of RAS Fellows and Associates. More

Information sheets

A wealth of information on the Library and specific science subjects. More


RAS Library interiorThe RAS Library offers Wi-Fi and computer access alongside its collection of modern and historical publications.