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The following table lists journals, periodicals, circulars etc. which are currently taken by the RAS Library.

The Library also has a substantial collection of non-current journals, which can be searched using the Library Catalogue.


Title   ISSN         
Acta astronomica   0001-5237
Acta astronomica Sinica   0001-5245
Annual review of astronomy and astrophysics    
Antiquarian horology   0003-5785
Apparent places of fundamental stars   0174-254X
Astronomer   0950-138X
Astronomical almanac   0737-6421
Astronomie   0004-6302
Astronomische Nachrichten   0004-6337
Astronomy   0091-6358
Astronomy and astrophysics   0004-6361
Astronomy and geophysics   1366-8781
Astronomy now   0951-9726
BAA Solar Section newsletter   No ISSN
British journal for the history of science   0007-0874
Bulletin / The British Sundial Society   No ISSN
Chinese journal of geophysics   0001-5733
Contributions to geophysics & geodesy   1335-2806
Deep-sky observer   0967-6139
ESA bulletin   0376-4265
Geofizika (Zagreb)   0352-3659
Geomagnetizm i aeronomiya   0016-7940
Geophysical journal international   0956-540X
Geoscientist   0961-5628
Journal for the history of astronomy   0021-8286
Journal of astronomical history and heritage   1440-2807
Journal of the American Association of Variable Star Observers   0271-9053
Journal of the British Astronomical Association   0007-0297
London Mathematical Society newsletter   No ISSN
Messenger = El mensajero   0722-6691
Monthly notices of the Royal Astronomical Society   0035-8711
Newsletter / The British Sundial Society   No ISSN
Physics world   0953-8585
Popular astronomy (Ilford)   0261-0892
Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific   0004-6280
Revista Mexicana de astronomia y astrofisica   0185-1101
Science   0036-8075
Science in Parliament   0263-6271
Scientific American   0036-8733
Sky and telescope   0037-6604
Space UK   No ISSN
Speculum : the journal of the William Herschel Society   No ISSN
Studia geophysica et geodaetica   0039-3169
The observatory   0029-7704
Variable Star Section circular / British Astronomical Association   0267-9272