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Opening times

The RAS Library is open 10:00–17:00 Monday to Friday, except on Bank Holidays.



The Library is a private collection funded by and primarily serving the Fellows and other members of the Society. Enquiries from other sources are dealt with as far as limited resources allow. Access to the Library itself may be given at the discretion of the Librarian, or of one of the Officers of the Society, to those who have a need for information which cannot be fulfilled by public and national libraries.

Access will normally be given to staff members of recognised academic institutions from home or overseas, subject to adequate identification; any would-be reader wishing to use the Library, and particularly if needing special material such as archives or rare books, is requested to contact the librarian in advance.


General enquiries

Many general enquiries may be answered by reference to RAS Library Information Sheets:

Other material available through the RAS astrolinks and education & outreach web pages may be of assistance.

If these sources don't provide sufficient information, other well-specified requests for information, articles, photographs, etc., can often be dealt with by Library staff, subject to availability. However, please be aware that staff do not have any formal training in astronomy. Staff cannot discuss, vet, or disseminate enquirers' theories; the only way for such ideas to be presented to the scientific community is for them to be submitted as articles to the relevant journals, where they will be subject to expert peer review.

The RAS will provide assistance to non-members on a 'best efforts' basis, but reserves the right to withhold information if, for example:

  • the enquiry is beyond the scope of the Library staff;
  • the search for information would involve excessive time and effort;
  • or the background to the enquiry is judged inappropriate to the aims and function of the Society.


The Librarian

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