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General news

News stories of general astronomical interest can be found at:


Professional astronomers

Information for professional astronomers is available in the form of recent IAU Circulars.


Sky maps

Maps of the night sky (as seen from northern temperate latitudes), and other information, are provided by:


More general facilities for sky maps are available from:


HM Nautical Almanac Office (HMNAO)

HMNAO provides a range of astronomical information, from positions of celestial objects to eclipse predictions.


Buy a star

If you want to 'buy a star' for a loved one, we have some advice for you.


Starting in astronomy

We have suggestions for starting in astronomy and guidance on buying a telescope.


The International Space Station

The easiest way to see the International Space Station is by using NASA's 'by city' listings.


Archives and databases

Data archives, membership listings, astronomical meetings


Educational resources

Of interest to teachers, and to those wishing to learn more for themselves about astronomy



A range of resources for astronomical images


Journals and periodicals

Magazines and scientific journals, including e-journals


Ground-based observatories

Optical, infrared, (sub-)millimetre, and radio observatories


Organizations and societies

Major national and international astronomical organizations



Sites for major endeavours in astrophysics research


Satellites and planetary missions

Home pages for space missions in astronomy and planetary sciences


Further comprehensive lists of resources
  • Astroweb: Astronomy resources on the Internet.
  • StarHeads: Personal web pages of individual astronomers.


Astronomical software (mostly) for home use

Our suggestions:

  • RedShift (for general home use; MS-Windows)
  • XEphem (for advanced users; various platforms).
  • IAU SOFA (algorithms and procedures for standard models used in fundamental astronomy)


RAS fact sheets


RAS Library Information Sheets