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Last Updated on Tuesday, 13 April 2010 14:36
Published on Monday, 07 March 2005 00:00

After retirements due to take place in July 2005 there will be 3 vacancies on the Education Committee. Its remit, which has been recently revised, is to promote an engagement with astronomy and geophysics in schools, special interest groups and the general public by , for example:
1. the creation, publication and distribution of educational leaflets.

2. the organisation of competitions for school children and award prizes

3. advice on and support for the scientific content of the appropriate areas of the curriculum, and l support of appropriate initiatives for schools.

4. assistance of RAS assessors as required to manage applications from Fellows under the Chartered Science Teacher scheme of the Science Council.

5. liaison with the education sections of PPARC, the Institute of Physics, the International Astronomical Union, and other relevant bodies including Science Learning Centres and SETPOINTS.

In the light of these terms of reference the Ed Comm is currently reviewing its strategy. It is possible that, in addition to the items listed above, it will :

    • co-ordinate information about the  initiatives of organisations involved in providing astronomy educational services by developing an Internet-based portal, aimed primarily at teachers, as well as  by developing  the education section of its own website.
    • organise  days of talks and activities for Key Stage 4 or post-16 groups in co-operation with other bodies eg  Association of Science Education
    •  promote outreach by sponsoring public lectures throughout the UK

If you are interested in joining the EdComm please contact the Executive Secretary, preferably  by 30 April 2005

A PDF version of the above notice may be obtained here.